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The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK announce merger

Following a unanimous decision by both of our boards, we are delighted to announce that The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK have now merged as one organisation.

More investment in research

The merger will create the second largest brain tumour charity in the world. It will mean a consolidation of resources allowing more investment in research, an expansion of services available to those who are affected and a stronger voice to raise awareness and influence policy.

The new charity will be known as ‘The Brain Tumour Charity’ and use its recently-created branding. The merge process will be completed by the 1 March 2013 to coincide with the start of the UK-wide Brain Tumour Awareness Month.

The investment by the merged charity into brain tumour research will initially total around £1.5m per annum and it is planned to significantly increase this in the coming years.

Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC)

The new charity has reaffirmed the commitment made by The Brain Tumour Charity to membership of the Association of Medical Research Charities (AMRC) and only funding research through an open, transparent and stringent peer review process. It is currently funding a range of multi-disciplinary research programmes and projects, from basic and translational research to multi-centre clinical trials, at 10 universities and research institutions across the UK.


Andy Foote, former Chair of Brain Tumour UK has been appointed as Chair of the Board of the new charity and Neil Dickson, former Chair of The Brain Tumour Charity, has been appointed as Vice-Chair. Sarah Lindsell, Chief Executive of The Brain Tumour Charity, is the CEO of the new charity and Jenny Baker, formerly Chief Executive of Brain Tumour UK, has retired.

Andy Foote

Andy Foote explains the reasons behind the merger:

“I am proud to announce the exciting news that The Brain Tumour Charity and Brain Tumour UK have now merged as one organisation. We have made this happen because we believe that by working together we can only be stronger, forming one unified force in the fight against this devastating disease.

“Despite brain tumours killing more children and adults under 40 than any other cancer, research receives less than 2% of the UK’s total cancer research spending. This merger will bring together our resources, expertise and remit, allowing us to invest more in the world class, pioneering research that is so woefully underfunded. This is a key objective for the new charity as it is the primary way we are going to change outcomes and save lives in the future – together we will be better able to achieve this.

“We will be able to provide a wider range of desperately needed support services to more people in more communities, as well as having a stronger voice to raise awareness and influence policy. It will make the way clearer for families who are affected who are seeking information and advice, as well as limiting confusion for those who support and work with us.”

Watch Andy talk about the merger:

Neil Dickson

Neil Dickson said: “Angela and I are exceptionally proud of the developments we have made over the last 15 years, firstly as Samantha Dickson Brain Tumour Trust and more recently The Brain Tumour Charity. We have already come a long way this year with a bold new identity, continued investment in research which is delivering real breakthroughs and the success of our HeadSmart campaign. The merger of the two main charities in the brain tumour sector demonstrates how committed we are to building upon this momentum and do even more for families affected by a brain tumour.”

Sarah Lindsell

Sarah Lindsell said: “We are grateful to all who have shown support to both organisations to date. We have already seen last year how the merger between Brain Tumour UK and The Joseph Foote Trust has allowed a larger charity to build on their strengths and raise additional funds for vital research.

“These are significant times for brain tumours with an incredible number of world-class research projects available for funding that could improve our understanding, diagnosis and treatment of brain tumours. We are determined to beat this devastating disease and as a newly-merged, larger charity, The Brain Tumour Charity will be in a position to capitalise on the opportunities available to improve outcomes for everyone who has been, or will be, affected by a brain tumour. We hope that everyone will join us for the next steps of the journey."

Jenny Baker

Jenny Baker, retired Chief Executive of Brain Tumour UK, said: “I warmly welcome news of this significant merger with The Brain Tumour Charity, having already clearly seen how Brain Tumour UK and The Joseph Foote Trust coming together enabled our two organisations to build on their respective strengths and work as one to benefit people living with a brain tumour today and those yet to be diagnosed. Thousands of people each year living with the consequences of a brain tumour diagnosis are reaching out to us for emotional and practical support and comfort at every stage of their journeys. The merger of Brain Tumour UK and The Brain Tumour Charity will complement and further enable our shared purposes.”

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