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Join our online support group for carers

Caring for somebody who's living with a brain tumour can be a challenging experience but it’s important to know you aren’t alone.

The pressures of caring for a loved one can take a toll on your physical and mental health. It can be a particularly difficult for people affected by a brain tumour because the symptoms and side-effects are often so drastic.

Suddenly, your relationship with the person you’re caring for can be turned completely upside down as they now require a great deal more support. You might find yourself struggling to cope with the extra responsibilities or the amount of time you need to devote to caring.

It’s normal for carers to feel resentful that their life is no longer their own but then feel guilty for feeling that way. This can be extremely isolating and it can often feel like nobody else understands.

I was greeted with a group of people who just got it. I could vent when I was angry, share when I was sad and tearful, and this group was always there. It didn't seem to matter what time of day or night, there was almost always someone online happy to chat.

Cara, whose mother was diagnosed with a brain tumour

Our closed Facebook group for carers is a safe and secure online space for you to connect with other people who know exactly how you feel. Joining our community provides an opportunity for you to find mutual support, ask for advice or simply tell your story to other people that have shared your experiences.