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A brain tumour can do all of this and more.

Get to know the symptoms below and check out our Snapchat filters to help you spot the signs in your mates and yourself.

What are the symptoms of a brain tumour?


Vomming for days


Banging headaches


Balance problems


Blurred or double vision


Behaviour change


Seizures or fits


Paused or delayed puberty


Weird eye movements

Did you know that ten children and teenagers are diagnosed with a brain tumour every week in the UK?

That's why we challenged some of the country's top illustrators to help spread awareness of brain tumour symptoms by creating Snapchat filters.

Why did you get involved?

We asked the artists who created our filters and icons why they wanted to get involved with our campaign to spread awareness of brain tumour signs and symptoms.

Want to go one step further?

Identifying a brain tumour early massively reduces the chance of someone developing long term disabilities and can ultimately save their life! That's why knowing how to spot the symptoms of a brain tumour is so important.

Join HeadSmart today and help raise awareness about the importance of detecting brain tumours early. 

There are lots of ways to get involved, from holding fundraising events to making sure information about HeadSmart is available at your school.

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