Get involved with local campaigning

The Brain Tumour Charity works to influence decision makers about issues that are important to our community.

We encourage all our supporters to get involved in this work with us. You can give as little or as much time as you'd like, every voice makes a big difference in our drive for change.

Why should I get involved in local campaigning?

Campaigning works. Decisions are made by policy makers every day that impact on those living with a brain tumour, as well as their families and caregivers. Whether it be the acceleration of access to new drugs or the amount of money invested into brain tumour research, politics plays a vital role in our endeavour to find a cure.

By campaigning, you can help to ensure that the voice of our community is heard where it matters most, and join the fight to defeat brain tumours.

What do campaigners do?

Our campaigners play a vital role in representing The Charity in their local area, ensuring that important issues affecting the brain tumour community remain a political priority.

They do this by using their personal experiences and passion for change to help influence decision makers to take particular actions that will benefit those affected by a brain tumour.

Being a campaigner can look different for different people. You can campaign for a few minutes at a time or for a few hours a month, your level of involvement is completely down to you.

We give campaigners regular updates about what's happening and how to take action. Here's an idea of some of the activities you could be involved in:

  • Meeting your MP in your constituency on behalf of other patients and caregivers to talk about our current campaigns, and keeping up a conversation with them.
  • Promoting our campaigns on social media
  • Acting as a patient representative on a hospital board or steering group
  • Sharing your experiences with friends or fellow campaigners in the community and asking them to do the same
  • Attending a training day, lobbying event or day of action

Due to the nature of campaigning, there isn't a set pattern to campaigning activity, and sometimes it can be hard to predict when we will call you to action, because the political landscape can change quickly.

What skills do I need to become a campaigner?

You don't need any experience, just bring your passion to find a cure and to ensure that everyone affected has the highest quality of life and chance of survival. If you have been personally affected by a brain tumour, either through a brain tumour diagnosis or having a close family member or friend with a brain tumour, you're an expert through your experiences. You have an important story to tell and we'd love you to get involved.

Do campaigners get any support or training?

As a campaigner you will be invited to networking and training events and will receive ongoing support from our policy team, who are an email or phone call away to answer any questions you may have. We will provide guidance and all the resources you need, as well as lots of helpful tips along the way. As part of our online campaigning community you will also have the support of fellow campaigners and be able to share in each other's success.

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