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Thank you!

Thank you for standing with us ahead of the Scottish Parliament elections in May.

By raising your voice and writing to your local MSP candidates, you're helping bring us closer to a world where brain tumours are defeated. Together we will make sure that everyone affected by a brain tumour in Scotland has access to the care and support they need.

Here are four steps to take to ensure that we reach as many potential MSP candidates as possible.

1. Find out who your local candidates are

Click the button below to find out who your MSP Candidates are and their contact details. You can contact as many candidates from different parties in your constituency and region as you like. But there are quite a few! We recommend starting with your constituency candidates.

Find my MSP candidate details

2. Send our template email to your local MSP candidates from all parties

Download our template, then copy and paste it into your emails to your local MSP candidates. If you feel up to it, why not share your story and include details of why you're supporting our manifesto and why you'd like them to pledge their support too. 

Download our template email

3. Share our campaign on social media

Once you've emailed your local MSP candidates, why not show that you're proud to stand with us by sharing our campaign page on social media? The more people who contact their local MSPs, the better chance we have of creating meaningful change - so encourage your friends and family to take part too.

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4. Let us know if your candidates reply

We'd love to know if you receive a response from any of your local candidates, so please email us at if you hear from them!

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