Where your money could go

By leaving a gift of any size to The Brain Tumour Charity in your Will, you will help us defeat brain tumours in the future. We do not receive any government funding and rely 100% on donations including gifts in Wills.

It's the little things in life that mean the most and you can help us make a real difference for generations to come.

Less than 2% of all funding into cancer research in the UK is spent on brain tumours. This is not enough to see the improvements that are so desperately needed. We are determined to find better and safer treatments and will only fund the very best research being done. Find out what we're doing today to find a cure for the future.

We know that earlier diagnosis in children saves lives and limits long-term disability. Our award-winning HeadSmart campaign for the earlier diagnosis of children has already reduced diagnosis times from over three months to 6.7 weeks.

We are also working on a campaign for the earlier diagnosis of adults. This is the first project of its type in the world. By leaving a gift in your Will, you can help others in the future to be brain tumour aware and to act more quickly to get all the help they need early on.

In 2011 Mary, a solicitor and keen photographer, had a successful operation to remove a brain tumour. She considers herself a tribute to the NHS having undergone pioneering surgery and suffering no side-effects. Although the tumour was benign, it was a huge shock to come to terms with and it's something Mary remains concerned and nervous about.

Mary is a strong believer that it's the little things in life that mean the most. As a solicitor and someone who has remembered us in their Will, Mary knows first-hand how much of an impact just a little gift can make.

“Having had a brain tumour myself and seeing the effects on others, I chose to leave a legacy to The Brain Tumour Charity as I have a great understanding of how much difference my money can make - there is just so much research that needs to be done and so many sufferers and their families that need support. And it's not just big gifts that make a difference, small legacies all add up, making a huge difference to the lives of those affected. For those considering leaving a legacy in their Will to The Brain Tumour Charity I would say please do".