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The Brain Tumour Charity campaigns on a range of issues that have an impact on people affected by a brain tumour.

We believe that sensible, evidence-based solutions are central to transforming outcomes for people affected by a brain tumour. We engage with politicians, policy makers and other influential stakeholders within the health sector. We also work with like minded organisations and our networks across the UK to better understand local healthcare issues.

Our HeadSmart campaign

A UK-wide campaign to reduce diagnosis times for childhood brain tumours.

The issues

We campaign on a range of issues that affect the brain tumour community. Find out more about our latest campaigns.

Our collaborations

We work with other organisations where there is a shared interest in improving people's diagnosis, treatment and care.

Get involved with our policy work

If you're interested in finding out more about what we do and how you can get involved, visit this page.

Advocacy FAQs

Frequently asked questions to give some more information about our advocacy work and why it's so important to our community.

Our recommendations

Resources providing background to The Charity, outlines of current issues we are working on and what you can do to help.