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The Bloom Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity so that those living with and beyond a brain tumour may thrive and bloom.

£2,170.08 funds raised so far

Bridget's story

In the Summer of 2015, aged 23, after many months of illness and obscure symptoms, I was diagnosed with a Grade 4 medulloblastoma - a common paediatric tumour but pretty rare in adults - and began on my journey of treatment and recovery.

My neurosurgeon - who's first name is Kismet and I take that as a good sign and a blessing - fully resected the tumour but I required further treatment of radiotherapy to my whole brain and spine.

My team were shocked at how little deficits I had after my surgery but I did struggle with walking properly until around the end of 2017 and now, my remaining challenges are fatigue and Obscure Auditory Dysfunction which makes it hard for me to hear what people are saying in noisy environments or if they are not facing me.

I did not receive the total prescribed radiotherapy fractions as an adequate sedative was not found to help me cope with my claustrophobia which was deeply disturbing whilst in the radiotherapy mask. I felt very lonely and that my team or the radiographers did not understand or empathise with my struggle.

Unfortunately, this made it impossible for me to continue my treatment and therefore it is expected that my tumour will return at some point so I am scanned every 6 months. At the point of writing, in January 2019, I am 42 months Tumour free so long may it continue.

It has been a very hard and traumatic few years for me and my family. I found the support of The Brain Tumour Charity, alongside Trekstock and The Maggie's Centre, to be vital to my recovery and navigating post-cancer life.

My hope for the future is that far more investment goes into research of brain tumours so that treatments can be improved. I want to raise money for The Brain Tumour Charity so we can help improve diagnosis times and fund finding treatments that are less damaging.

I have lost a lot of confidence and self-esteem in these recent years, especially because of my physical difficulties so this Fund is my own challenge to get myself out there and believe in myself once more!

We are aiming to raise £10,000 and hope you will join us in support along the way so that those living with and beyond a brain tumour may thrive and bloom.