Setting up a Supporter Group

Our team are here to guide you through the process of setting up a Supporter Group and to provide you with as much support as you feel you need. We provide a full support system and materials to help you raise the most money and have the biggest impact.

The process

Please have a read through very carefully of our 'What our groups do' and 'FAQ' pages. If this seems the right step for you please then get in touch with our Supporter Groups team who will chat you through everything in more detail, you can call 01252 749043 or email

From there it's very simple to set up your group - we only require the completion of one short form which will be emailed or posted to you, whichever is most convenient.

What we provide

  • A personalised fund logo, showing the name of your loved one
  • Printed materials for use at your fundraising and awareness raising activities
  • A toolkit of fundraising items including t-shirts, balloons, stickers, collection tins and much more
  • A written toolkit full of how-to guides and helpful advice
  • Quarterly fund statement so you can keep a track of your fundraising to date
  • Annual research updates in the area of your choice (paediatric research, high grade research, our Centres of Excellence programme or our HeadSmart campaign)
  • A closed Facebook group so you can share ideas with other groups, and ask questions
  • Invites to special events, lab tours and an annual Supporter Group Day
  • Specialist support from our dedicated Supporter Group team

Using the funds you raise

All the funds you raise as a Supporter Group will be spent on furthering our charitable objectives of funding research, providing information & support, raising awareness and influencing policy. We do not use the funds raised by our Supporter Groups to cover general office costs or fundraising costs.

The first £10,000 will be spent on these objectives, however, once you have raised over £10,000, you will be able to nominate the money to be designated to one of these five areas:

  1. Our Centres of Excellence programme
  2. High Grade Brain Tumour Research
  3. Paediatric Brain Tumour Research
  4. Our HeadSmart campaign
  5. Or simply, leave it with our experienced, professional team to allocate to our overall charitable objectives (as above) where it is most needed at the time