The Brain Tumour Warrior Fund

Raising funds for The Brain Tumour Charity inspired by Angela who is living with a brain tumour

The Brain Tumour Warrior Fund was founded by Angela, and named after her blog #braintumourwarrior. Angela is living with a low grade astrocytoma and wants to raise funds to help others affected by brain tumours now and in the future.

Angela's tumour was first discovered in her final year at the University of Edinburgh. In the middle of a very busy time studying for her exams and completing her dissertation, Angela one night had a brain haemorrhage, completely out of the blue. A and E doctors and later neurosurgeons investigated and found a low grade astrocytoma on Angela's optic chiasm. At the time, as the tumour was stable, a 'watch and wait' course of action carried the least form of risk. However, in summer 2015 an MRI scan showed growth in the tumour, and in December 2015 Angela underwent a craniotomy at the RVI hospital in Newcastle to partially remove it.

As Angela's day job is as an Account Manager at Newcastle digital agency Orange Bus, it felt only natural to her to share her brain tumour story online by setting up a blog, #braintumourwarrior. She hoped it would help others either diagnosed with a brain tumour or their loved ones, who may be wondering what to expect. The blog has been a huge success, with over 10,000 visitors from around the world within its first two months of launch, and media coverage including features in Newcastle's The Chronicle and The Journal papers, and Angela being interviewed for a programme on BBC Radio Newcastle on 'Putting Your Life Online'. With the blog proving such an unprecedented success, Angela was inspired to not only raise awareness but also funds to help defeat brain tumours - and felt The Brain Tumour Charity was a really strong medium to do so.

Angela's reasons for choosing The Brain Tumour Charity include:

  • When first diagnosed, Angela used The Brain Tumour Charity's website for information and to make informed choices.
  • The Brain Tumour Charity introduced Angela to Gideon Burrows, and facilitated her taking part in Gideon's research for the book Brain Tumours: Living Low Grade.
  • Angela regularly receives support and companionship from others she's met through The Brain Tumour Charity's private Facebook support group.
  • She was greatly inspired by attending The Brain Tumour Charity's Research Lab Tour at Newcastle University, at the launch of the INSTINCT research programme.
  • Crucially, Angela is delighted that The Brain Tumour Charity is inclusive of low grade brain tumours in its support and funded research. When Angela wrote a blog post on the sometimes misunderstood nature of low grade tumours - why benign isn't 'fine' - the post went viral with hundreds of shares across social media platforms and over 9,000 views to-date. It sparked much debate and confirmed to Angela that she's not the only one fighting for better understanding of low grade tumours.

With friends and family having pledged their support, including the generous backing of Angela's employer Orange Bus, The Brain Tumour Warrior Fund aims to raise at least £10,000 by the end of 2017.