Wear it

Our community came together as one to #WearItOut with style, strength, attitude and love this Bandanas for Brain Tumours Day. Why did you wear yours?

Why did you get involved?

Thousands of our supporters joined us to #WearItOut this Bandanas for Brain Tumours Day.

By wearing your bandana, you showcased your commitment to defeating brain tumours – thank you. Our 2016 bandana design signified how, from one single point, a network can grow into something huge. Not only this, but the design gave a nod towards science by incorporating an abstract molecular pattern. By wearing your bandana and spreading the word about brain tumours to your network of contacts, you could have started a conversation that also grows into something huge.

In addition to spreading the word about brain tumours, by getting involved in this year's campaign you helped us raise funds for research into early diagnosis for children and adults. This could help us reduce diagnosis times and improve accuracy of diagnosis, so that brain tumours are treated earlier, with the best possible treatment at the right time.

Our research aims to understand the reasons why some adult patients take longer than others to be diagnosed with a brain tumour. There is an urgent need to reduce this delay, so that treatment can begin sooner and can be more effective; this is why our research is so vitally important. By donating to The Brain Tumour Charity, you can make a real difference and improve the outcomes for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour." Dr Paul Brennan

Why did they #WearItOut?

Jen took the opportunity to #WearItOut with style, Laura promised to #WearItOut with love, Raj joined his family to #WearItOut with attitude and Louis wanted to #WearItOut with strength - but how did you wear yours? However you wore it out, don’t forget to share your selfies on social media using our hashtag, #WearItOut. Read some of our supporter's stories, by clicking on their pictures below.

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The difference you will make

Your money will help fund research into early diagnosis