Holidays, travel insurance and family life

We know that life is busy and school holidays can be particularly hectic, especially in the long summer holidays. So we asked you what were the top three things you wanted information about, to help you.

The topics you requested were:

  • Holidays and breaks for families
  • Travel insurance
  • Daily life in the school holidays (or how to entertain your children!)

We wanted to bring you this information in an easy way and give you the chance to ask questions, so we hosted a Facebook Information Event over three days in our Parents Facebook Group. We shared videos from expert speakers, Q & As from experts, posted a blog from a parent and answered your questions.

So to make all this valuable information available to everyone who missed it, we have grouped it all together here.

Holidays and breaks for families

There are many charities who offer these opportunities to families, and we have spoken to one of them. We met with Claire Kelly from Rays of Sunshine, who told us about the holidays and breaks they can offer to families with a child with a brain tumour, whether high or low grade.

We also shared information about other charities who offer similar breaks and holidays, and told you more about Family Days.

Travel insurance for children with a brain tumour

We have been in touch with Mary Holt, who works for a specialist travel insurance company for people who have medical conditions. We shared her answers to the questions that you posed.

And while we cannot recommend specific travel insurance companies, we included links to other companies that people affected by brain tumours have told us they have used and have recommended to us.

Daily life in the school holidays
(or how to entertain your children!)

We are excited to share a vlog from Penelope Hart-Spencer, who is a Health Play Specialist. She talks about making the summer holidays more manageable and shares her top tips and activity ideas for the whole family.

We will also share a poem from Helen, whose son Leo was diagnosed with a brain tumour in 2016 – the poem tells us all about Leo and his brother's plans for the summer holidays.

If you have further questions about holidays, travel insurance or daily life in the school holidays, please contact the Children and Families Team on 0808 800 0004 or

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