The Brainy Bag

As part of our services for children affected by brain tumours we have developed 'The Brainy Bag'. This bag will be given to all children diagnosed with a brain tumour and will provide not only a treat for children diagnosed but also a useful resource for their families and carers.

When a child has to have a difficult conversation about their diagnosis, surgery or treatment it can be hard to keep their attention and they often avoid direct eye contact. This can lead to avoidance of the subject and can make it very hard for those who care for them to broach some topics that need to be discussed; it can also lead to children bottling up their fears as they do not know how to talk about them.

James had his bag delivered about a month after diagnosis. This really cheered him up. He loved the pj's and his brainy bear comes to appointments, hospital stays and is in his bed every night. He really enjoyed the colouring book and pens which really helped when we couldn't really do much. We are so thankful for this bag. The brainy bear especially is the most comforting thing for him.

Natalie, mother

Colouring in, cuddling a teddy or playing a game can help to reduce a child's anxiety and help them open up about their thoughts and feelings in a way in which they feel safe. The contents of The Brainy Bag can help parents, carers and healthcare professionals alike to address some difficult emotions a child may be feeling.

In addition to The Brainy Bag being a communication tool it is also a gift for children diagnosed with a brain tumour which they receive during a particularly difficult time. We hope that it can bring a smile to a child's face and also provide them with things to do during hospital stays, visits and time at home.

Finally The Brainy Bag will provide a child with a brain tumour something that is theirs and that they can treasure to keep and carry items that are special to them.


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