Patient guide to brain tumour treatment and services

In our Defeating Brain Tumours strategy, we pledged to improve life today for people affected by helping them better navigate the system.

We're pleased to be launching our patient pathway which will help them do just that.

We know that, following a brain tumour diagnosis, dealing with the NHS and other agencies can be a new and sometimes intimidating experience. We believe everyone affected, regardless of their age, postcode or tumour type should have access to the best treatment, care and information, but are aware this isn't always the case.

Through working with nurses, healthcare professionals and patients, we've developed our patient pathway which outlines the standards of care we believe all adults diagnosed with a brain tumour should expect from the NHS. It also includes information on investigations, clinical trials and research opportunities that are not currently routinely offered to all patients, but we believe should be. We hope that by having this information patients and families will feel empowered to ask about these opportunities, influencing how services are improved.

People living with a brain tumour can use this guide to feel better informed during their treatment and care, know who and what to ask and feel confident when discussing options with their medical team.

Our patient pathway will help us reach our goal of halving the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life, sooner.

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We know that a brain tumour diagnosis can be scary and it often sends people down a bewildering path as they try and navigate the system. With clinicians and people personally affected, we have developed our patient pathway guide which we hope will help people to navigate the pathway and understand their rights and entitlements.

In order to make sure that we direct our efforts to areas that need it most we would like to understand what is currently happening. You can help. Complete our short survey about your experiences, which we will use to analyse what is currently happening, so that we can ensure that everyone has access to the best treatment and care.

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