Information Days

Our Information Days are free to attend for people with a brain tumour, their friends, family and carers. As well as hearing talks from health professionals, those who attend are also able to talk to others who identify with their situation, and find out about support and resources in their area.

Patients and carers also share their own experiences and the events give attendees a chance to meet and chat during lunch and coffee breaks.

The days are constantly evolving to reflect what people want to get from them. Topics covered have included:

  • Coping with a brain tumour diagnosis
  • Memory loss
  • Fatigue management
  • Epilepsy
  • Treatments
  • Clinical trials
  • Immunotherapy
  • Diet
If you have a suggestion for a topic you would like included at an Information Day then please email us at
“Had a brilliant day yesterday at the Information Day.....
I arrived late because I overslept but was warmly greeted.
Got some good tips on fatigue management and even practiced 'Sleep hygiene' last night and managed a better night.
Got chatting to 2 lovely ladies - we all had some things in common like fatigue, memory probs, depression etc and chatting about it with people who genuinely know and understand is good for me.
A brilliant and very passionate Dr gave a talk on research, treatment and management of BTs, which made me realise what an amazing organ the brain actually is.

So my little brain is slightly misbehaving right now, but you know what? I felt happier, safer and more confident after our get together yesterday. OK we haven't got a miracle cure yet but we are making breakthroughs and progress all the time.
One day my friends, ONE DAY."

Attendee at an information day, 2015

If you have further questions, need to clarify any of the information on this page, or want to find out more about research and clinical trials, please contact our team:

Support & Info Line

0808 800 0004 (free from landlines and mobiles)

Research & Clinical Trials Info Line

01252 749 999

Phone lines open Mon-Fri, 09:00-17:00

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