United in Our Battle to Defeat Brain Tumours

“What really stands out for me about The Brain Tumour Charity is it manages to talk to patients, scientists and doctors; the whole community.”

Professor Richard Gilbertson, Li Ka-shing Chair of Oncology, Head of Department of Oncology and Director of the Cambridge Cancer Centre

We lead and facilitate a community that works collaboratively.

We value everyone’s contribution.

Every day, we witness the impact of a diagnosis on people’s lives and this makes us committed to finding a cure.

Only by working as one will we make change happen.

Network Map

Over the past five years, we have:

Developed 87 research collaborations with institutions, charities, industry and other organisations

Collaborated globally, with 68% of our research extending beyond the UK

Expanded to represent 56% of the UK brain tumour sector by income, with over 300 collaborations with supporter groups and other charities

The Twilight Walk

15,000have joined us at The Twilight Walk, our flagship community event, since 2015, with hundreds of volunteers ensuring these charity and community hosted events run smoothly

The Twilight Walk
Suki Rana

Champion Volunteer for The Twilight Walk, Suki, explains her vital role in spreading awareness about the event and encourages everyone to take part.

Become a volunteer

We connect and empower our community to make a difference

Andrew Jelly

Andrew volunteers in our head office and enjoys being part of the team

60Young Ambassadors supporting us to date, with 23 on the programme currently

2,000+people using BRIAN since its launch in 2019

211in our Research Involvement Network

We all have our own reasons for wanting to fundraise, but I think most people want to do something now, tomorrow or next week. I was the same, but since visiting a lab and seeing the time, money and resources that go into just the smallest breakthrough, it’s inspired me to think ahead.

Alex is a legacy pledger, who fundraises in memory of his mum