Engaging the Virgin Money Giving team

From internal learning lunches to raise awareness, to innovative team fundraising events, there are so many ways for your team to make their mark on our partnership.

Virgin Money Giving employees will be able to meet researchers, patrons and celebrities, many of whom are personally affected by our causes, and will be able to join forces with our running team at meet-ups at Virgin Money Lounges across the country. As well as playing a pivotal role in our runner's journey in the lead up to the big day, your team can join our cheer squads and take part in our post-race reception, helping to create a day to remember for our runners.

Virgin Money Lounges will play a key role in the success of our partnership. Acting as hubs for our early diagnosis campaign, the lounges and your team will be at the forefront of raising vital awareness of brain, pancreatic, liver and lung cancer, helping to reduce diagnosis times and save lives. The lounges would also allow us to provide vital training to our incredible volunteers, as well as providing a meeting point for our researchers to come together to share knowledge.

Our partnership will change the way thousands of people affected by less survivable cancers are treated for years to come. This shared vision will be an instrumental factor in driving employee pride and involvement. We will work with you to ensure that every member of your team feels valued and is able to contribute to the success of the partnership.

Supporting our runners

We support our runners at every step of their journey, from giving training advice to helping them celebrate post-event.

Case studies

Find out why your support is so important, from those affected by these diseases.

LevelUP Cancer

A united response to the outcry from our communities who are devastated by these cancers of unmet need.

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