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Brain tumours are the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under the age of 40. But, brain tumours are also one of the most underfunded and under researched types of cancer.

We know the facts, but no matter how many times we read them, they don’t get any less shocking. Brain tumours continue to devastate lives.

This Brain Tumour Awareness Month we’re asking you to do just two things to join our voices for change and help change the world for everybody affected by a brain tumour:

  1. share your story & your experience to help raise the profile of this disease
  2. download our ground-breaking app and databank BRIAN to help researchers unlock the power of data and accelerate the search for a cure.

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Become a voice for change by sharing your story

We know that the only way to bring brain tumours down is by stepping up together. Now’s the time for us to stand up, take action and raise our voices for change.
This Brain Tumour Awareness Month it’s time to make more noise than ever before about this deadly disease. One of the best ways you can do this is by simply sharing your story.

You can do this on social media by using #voicesforchange or by filling in this short form.

Help researchers unlock the power of data by downloading BRIAN

You might already know about how our ground-breaking app, BRIAN, can help you manage and cope after a brain tumour diagnosis.

But did you also know that using BRIAN actually helps accelerate the search for a cure?

The data that you submit to BRIAN, whether you’re completing a quality-of-life check in, taking part in a challenge or just confirming details about your diagnosis, can be accessed by brain tumour researchers to help them complete their research. 

One great example of this is our collaboration with Dr Matt Williams at Imperial College London. He helped us develop the challenges in BRIAN and every time you complete one, the data is collected and used to fuel his research.

And this is just the start! 

We’re talking to researchers about other ways we can make sure that research progress is no longer hindered by lack of access to the right data. 

That’s why we’re asking our supporters to download BRIAN today, take part in one of the challenges and help researchers unlock the power of data!

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