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By taking part in our Improving Brain Tumour Care survey and sharing your experience of neurosurgery, you're providing invaluable data that will help us work with healthcare centres across the UK to improve brain tumour treatment and care for everybody. If you want to contribute further, you can take another survey about a different part of your experience.

Based on the survey you just completed, we think that you might find some of the following information useful or you can always contact our Support and Information Line if you need any other help.

Going home after surgery

What you need to know about going home after neurosurgery and how best to prepare.

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Navigating the system

Find out more about common side-effect for those living with or beyond a brain tumour diagnosis.

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Maintaining your independence

Learn more about how you can stay independent after neurosurgery.

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Brain Tumour Information Pack

Download your free Brain Tumour Information Pack to help you understand your diagnosis better.

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Be part of BRIAN

Find out more about BRIAN, our online app to help people cope after neurosurgery.


Online support groups

Find out where to get support online from people who understand your experience.

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Want to contribute further to our Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys?


We'll ask you about your or a loved one's experience of trying to get a diagnosis for your symptoms.

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Diagnosis & next steps

We'll ask you about when you or a loved one were first given a brain tumour diagnosis by a healthcare professional.

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Radiotherapy & chemotherapy

We'll ask you about your or a loved one's experience before, during and after radiotherapy and chemotherapy.

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Living with a brain tumour

We'll ask you about your or a loved one's experiences of having a brain tumour diagnosis but not having active treatment.

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Palliative and end of life care

We'll ask you about your or a loved one's experiences after receiving a terminal brain tumour diagnosis.

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Caring for a loved one

We'll ask you about the support you have received as a carer and where there are gaps in that support.

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