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Six things you didn’t know BRIAN could help you with

With BRIAN you can track your brain tumour experience and donate your data to help accelerate a cure. But did you know BRIAN can support you in many other ways too?

There are now 1,500 users signed up to BRIAN, our pioneering online app, where you can track your brain tumour experience and donate your data to help accelerate a cure. But did you know BRIAN can support you in many other ways too?

There are a whole host of handy features you might have missed – from a clinical trials finder to a memory challenge to help keep your brain active.

Read on to discover six things you didn’t know BRIAN could help you with – and give them a try in the app today!

1. Let’s get connected

Many people affected by a brain tumour tell us they find it helpful to connect with others who understand. So, recently, we added a Community Chat feature to BRIAN that lets you talk to other users in public and private chat rooms.

Whether you have a question for others who’ve been through similar experiences, have tips of your own to share, or just need a listening ear – BRIAN’s here for you.

2. Right on the money

If you’re living with a brain tumour or are caring for someone who is, you may qualify for financial support. BRIAN lets you keep track of the benefits and assistance you’re receiving, as well as discover which benefits you might be eligible for using the Benefits Checker tool.

If you need further help, you can catch up with our experienced benefits advisor, Denise, in BRIAN’s new chat rooms, where she’ll be available at scheduled dates and times to answer questions on benefits and give money advice. Or you can book an appointment through our website to speak to Denise over the phone.

3. Challenge yourself

Don’t miss the interactive challenges in BRIAN – these quick tests are a great way to keep your brain active and track how you’re doing over time.

Our 20-second stability challenge can be done on a mobile phone or tablet and tests your stability by challenging you to keep a ball on a target. Our snap challenge is a short-term memory test, which asks you to identify whether the image you see is the same as or different to the previous image.

You can view your results from these challenges in the Insights section of BRIAN, under ‘Your graph’.

4. Track and find clinical trials

Clinical trials are a vital step in making sure new treatments reach patients. Only 3% of brain tumour patients are currently enrolled in clinical trials, compared to 7.5% of all cancer patients – yet research shows that people want to be asked. We’re determined to address this.

In BRIAN, you can search for the latest trials and studies that may be relevant for you, and ask your medical team to check your eligibility for any trials you find. You can also record any trials you’re involved in or have enrolled on in the past.

5. A problem shared…

One of BRIAN’s most useful features is that it allows you to share the information you track with anyone you trust. This could be a loved one, a carer or a member of your medical team, such as your clinical nurse specialist (CNS).

They’ll be able to log in and see only the data you choose to share with them, for as long as you wish to share it. This could be especially helpful before appointments, as you can share how you’ve been feeling with your medical team in advance.

6. No more Dr Google

When you’re diagnosed with a brain tumour, it can be difficult to quickly find reliable information online. So we’ve included some search tools in BRIAN that give you a handy source of trustworthy information at your fingertips, wherever and whenever you need them.

BRIAN’s Medicines Search feature lets you search for and read official NHS descriptions of medicines, including what the medicine is used for, who can take it, how to take it and its potential side-effects.

And the Treatments & Conditions Search feature is a speedy way to look up NHS information and guidance about specific medical treatments and conditions.

As you can see, BRIAN is so much more than just a tracker! And by being part of BRIAN, you’ll not only have support to manage your diagnosis your way, but will help others affected by this disease through research. Using your anonymised data, researchers will gain a better understanding of people’s quality of life when living with a brain tumour diagnosis and can use the collective experiences of patients to drive forward research and accelerate progress towards a cure.

It’s quick and simple to sign up, get access to these features and be part of this pioneering project. To find out more, visit

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