The United States Food and Drug Association has approved the investigation of a new immunotherapy drug targeting Glioblastoma

Thursday 24 August 2017

This means that 1/2a clinical trials using the drug VBI-1901 can now begin later this year in patients with recurrent GBM. The trials will examine the safety and effectiveness of the drug

Previous research suggests that multiple solid tumours, including GBM, are infected with Cytomegalovirus (CRM). CRM is a common virus that belongs to the herpes family of viruses.

Most healthy individuals do not know that they have the virus and it very rarely causes any issues. It has been known to cause problems in those with a weakened immune system.

“A growing body of research has demonstrated that GBM tumours may be susceptible to infection by CMV, with over 90 percent of GBM tumours expressing CMV antigens," said Jeff Baxter, president and CEO of the company who will investigate VBI-1901.

VBI-1901 works by targeting the two CRM proteins gB and pp65. It is hoped that by targeting the CRM proteins, VBI-10901 can help eliminate the GBM cells containing the proteins.

The plan is to use VBI-1901 in combination with GM-CSF, an adjuvant therapy, which recruits immune cells toward cancer and activates them.

This recruitment and activation enhances the vaccine's activity.

The possibility of using VBI-1901 in combination regimens or as an alternate therapy are being investigated.

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