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  • The impact a gift can make

    Back in 2015 we launched our five year strategy ‘Defeating Brain Tumours’ and our research strategy ‘A Cure Can’t Wait’. Our manifestos were unashamedly ambitious, but we knew they had to be.

  • Announcing our new £3.7m global research investment

    Thanks to the support of our community, we’re pledging more than £3.7m to UK and international teams working towards our twin goals: doubling brain tumour survival and halving the harm caused by the disease

  • Making Progress on all fronts: an update on our strategy

    Now, with only one year to go, we‘re looking back at some of the outstanding things you’ve helped us achieve since 2015. And we’re looking forward, to our plans to push for more progress in the next 12 months.

  • Our ambitions exceed those of Cancer Research UK

    A report today from Cancer Research UK predicts that survival from brain tumours will remain virtually unchanged over the next 20 years, despite an expected fall of 15% overall in the number of cancer deaths by 2035.

  • Defeating Brain Tumours: Our New Strategy 2015-2020

    We are proud to launch our new strategy to double survival and halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life.