Supporting Trustedoctor’s virtual platform allowing brain tumour patients access to world leading doctors

Wednesday 16 August 2017

We are delighted to be officially supporting Trustedoctor who have launched the world's first virtual platform to link patients with leading brain tumour specialists around the world

The service will give those diagnosed the opportunity to consult with leading brain tumour specialists no matter where they are based, breaking down barriers which have previously existed.

Digitalhealth news site explains

During the time Grzegorz Jarzabek's mother was diagnosed with pancreatic cancer he spent a lot of time, money and emotional energy trying to find the right care for her.

Frustrated by the lack of cancer information online and without a reliable way to know if he was getting the right advice, he decided to create a unique platform to address the problem.

Together with Lukasz Rzeczkowski and Dr Philippe Schucht, they developed a virtual platform called Trustedoctor.

Working with the NHS and hospitals across Europe, the trio created a flexible virtual platform for patient-doctor interactions to improve efficiency and accessibility to consultations and follow-ups.

“The idea came off the back of Jarzabek's journey as a caregiver for his mother who sadly passed away in 2011. We realised a lot of pain points along the way, a lot of problems seeking the information we needed and that was when we created Trusteddoctor”, Rzeczkowski said.

The platform officially launched on 14 August. It is supported by 15 world-leading cancer charities including two UK charities; The Brain Tumour Charity and brainstrust.

“We developed the tool and solutions in conjunction with the charities as well as with patient organisations and patient survivors”, Rzeczkowski said.

Patients search Trustedoctor for free to identify a specialist according to cancer type, specific tumour, type of treatment or geography.

It then creates a secure digital profile where they can upload medical records, scans, photos, comprehensive doctor profiles and so on.

From there they can request a consultation with their chosen doctor. The doctor can review all the information in one place in their own time and either accept the consultation or refer the patient onto another specialist.

Addenbrooke's support

Dr Colin Watts, consultant neurosurgeon at Addenbrooke's Hospital, is helping patients globally through, the world's first virtual platform to link patients with leading brain tumour specialists.

Dr Watts said: “The diagnosis of a brain tumour is always a shock, wherever the patient lives in the world and whatever their background.

“Every family affected by brain tumour wants to have absolute confidence that the treatments offered to their loved one will give them the best possible outcomes.

“Some patients are keen to seek a second opinion and have a specialist look at their medical records and see if they agree with the original thoughts of their treatment team.

“Trustedoctor allows brain tumour patients the opportunity to get a second opinion from an authoritative source in confidence”.

This new platform could lead to a more detailed diagnosis, with the possibility of saving lives or improving quality of life.

Innovations like this can only help our community and we are delighted to offer our support.

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