Everest in the Alps: the second ascent teams

Meet the teams preparing to take on this epic challenge, skiing the height of Everest - a gruelling 8,848 metres - over 5 days in February 2018.

Progress so far

The teams have been training hard and are climbing towards their fundraising target. By donating to the teams, you will be helping to fund pioneering research into paediatric brain tumours.

Team profiles

Toby's Team

A seven-strong ladies' team, Toby's Team consists of Bebe Corbett, Emily Bray, Philippa McNeil, Sarah O'Gorman, Tiggy Corben, and Tanya Richie, Toby's mum.

Tanya said, “I'm probably nearly the fittest I've ever been, and we're going to have to go a lot, lot further than that! We're currently training three sessions, an hour and a half a week, and I know we're going to have to double that over the next two to three months."

Barclays Bank Team

Thomas Flichy, Harry Koppel, Mark Lewellen and Alison Dolan have come together to form the Everest in The Alps: the second ascent's Barclays Bank team.

They are a competitive team, aiming to raise awareness and vital funds for The Brain Tumour Charity, as well as their fitness levels.

Goldman Sachs Gives UK Team

Halla Koppel, Ollie Sedgwick, Richard Revell and Andy Forrester are the Goldman Sachs' Everest in The Alps: the second ascent team. Halla is no stranger to challenges such as this, having climbed four of the seven summits already, but this event will be a special challenge for her – because it's all in aid of The Brain Tumour Charity.

Smith and Williamson's Team

Jeremy Hunter, Richard Billington, Phil Spencer, Ben Latrueille, Jeremy Mobbs, Nicholas Hall, and his brother Richard Hall, make up the Smith and Williamson Everest in The Alps: the second ascent team. They describe themselves as a 'mixed-bag of mid-40s, looking forward to a challenge'.

BMS Group's Team

The BMS team is made up by Clare Stenson, Nick Trowbridge, Brian Gomes, Hugo Seccombe, and Chris Ritchie.

Team USA

Team USA is made up of Jeff Robertson and Rob Ritchie, Toby's dad.