The Research Impact Report

The Research Impact Report highlights the powerful influence of The Brain Tumour Charity's pioneering research and shows the progress we are making to improve the quality of life and survival rates of people with a brain tumour. It is based on pro-bono work carried out by independent consultancy, Fulcrum Direct.

Our commitment is to improving outcomes for everyone diagnosed with a brain tumour. We do this through funding only the very best, world-class research. This starts with an open call for applications and a rigorous process of independent peer review before selecting what to fund. We monitor and assess the impact of the research both during the grant and when it is completed. We work to ensure the impact of the research we fund doesn't stop when the funding stops, so we also continue to measure the impact after the grant has finished. This is essential as much laboratory based research can have an impact many years later, as researchers take basic research findings and then investigate further before developing clinical trials.

The impact of the research we fund goes beyond obvious breakthroughs and discoveries. This report highlights some of these wider reaching impacts, which include setting the foundations for the development of the sector through supporting PhD students, to additional skills acquired by Professors and senior researchers. It is through this that we know that the research we are funding will lead to even greater achievements in the future.

We are honoured to have thousands of committed supporters, some of whom are featured in this report, who have worked with us for many years. To know that the funds our supporters have raised are producing results that are already having a direct impact on people living with a brain tumour, as evidenced in this report, is phenomenal.