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Hold a collection

Why not hold a collection as a brilliant way to fundraise while also raising awareness in your local community?

You could ask your local supermarket if you can hold your collection in their entrance or 'bag pack' at their tills for a few hours.

Contact your local community fundraiser and we will provide you with t-shirts and buckets for the day.

You can also volunteer your time as a Collection Box Co-ordinator and help us by placing collection boxes in local businesses in your community.

I chose to be a Collection Box Co-ordinator as it meant I could make the most of my outgoing skills and work as part of a team. What I enjoy most about working for The Charity is that it provides you with a 'feel good feeling'. The Charity is so appreciative of all that you do, no matter how great or small and as a volunteer there is no pressure.

Julie, one of our volunteers

Getting your money to us

However you decide to raise money, thank you for getting involved.