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Our vision

Our vision is for people diagnosed with a brain tumour to live longer and better lives.

We’ll achieve this by accelerating cures for all brain tumours, driving the best lifelong care and raising our global voices.

Our Goals


Our goal is to double survival by 2030.

For people with fast-growing tumours, our aim is to halve the average years of life lost to a brain tumour from 27.3 years (2015) to 13.6 years by 2030. We’ll use one-year survival rates as an early indicator of our progress. For people with slow growing tumours, we aim to determine a benchmark and baseline it, then double survival by 2030.

Ultimately, as a research-led charity, we aim to find cures for all brain tumours so that no one’s life expectancy is dictated by their tumour.


Our goal is to halve the harm that brain tumours have on quality of life by 2030.

For people with both fast and slow-growing tumours, their families and carers, we aim to select and baseline a quality of life measure with user groups and clinicians in 2023.


Living Longer and Better is a bold step forward in ambition and collaboration, and that boldness comes from the strength and power in the community. It’s their experiences that underpin this strategy and their voices that are steering our future.

When you bring such a powerful community together, incredible things can happen. And our co-creation has resulted in a blueprint for radical change – one we simply could not have generated alone! Built around three core commitments – accelerating cures for all brain tumours, driving the best lifelong care and raising our global voices
– we know this blueprint gives us the best chance of reaching our shared vision.

The overarching themes of this strategy are collaboration and going global. We recognise and embrace that we’re part of a global ecosystem of people and organisations united by a common purpose.

We haven’t created this strategy alone and we’re not going to deliver it alone – we must work together, even across borders, and go further, faster to achieve our goals.

Brain tumours feel like the forgotten cancer

Stephen Lee, member of the Strategy Steering Committee