Our Scientific and Lay Advisors

In order to ensure that we fund only the highest quality research, we have formed two Scientific Advisory Boards (SABs) which are made up of internationally renowned scientific and medical experts that work in different areas of cancer research and social science.

The two boards, Biomedical SAB and Quality of Life SAB, are responsible for the assessment and rating of applications for research funding and making recommendations to our board of Trustees. Find out a little about them below.

Biomedical Scientific Advisory Board (Biomed SAB)

The Biomedical SAB assess applications from grant rounds that focus on scientific, clinical or translational research. The funding applications they assess primarily work towards achieving our goal of Doubling Survival.

Quality of Life Scientific Advisory Board (QoL SAB)

The QoL SAB use their wealth of experience to assess applications focusing on enhancing the lives of people with brain tumours and their loved ones. Projects approved by this board will further our strategic goal of Halving the Harm.

Lay Scientific Advisory Board Members

Our commitment to our beneficiaries is crucial to us and as such, we feel that it is important to allow our community the opportunity to use their personal experience of the disease to contribute to the research grant awarding process. Hence, we also have five lay representatives who are a part of the SABs to provide their expert-by-experience perspective on whether the applications that we receive for funding are important and/or feasible for patients. Find out a little more about them below.

Other Advisors

These scientists and clinicians are part of a wider group of people who are key to achieving our goals of doubling survival and halving the harm. They fill various roles by sharing their knowledge and experience with us and we are indebted to them for this.

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