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Supporting children affected by a brain tumour diagnosis

Tips and advice to help you communicate with and support children who have been affected by a brain tumour diagnosis.

Listening to your child

Dr Roberta Bowie, explains why children affected by brain tumours need to be heard.

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Going back to school

Top tips for supporting your child to return to school after a brain tumour diagnosis or treatment.

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Supporting siblings

When a child is diagnosed with a brain tumour, it can be difficult to balance their siblings' needs.

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Animations about brain tumours

Our range of animations that explore and explain brain tumour-related subjects for young children.

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Talking to your child

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Roberta Bowie shares advice on how to talk to your child about their brain tumour.

Starting the conversation

How do I tell my child they're dying?

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Emma Porter, gives advice on managing this incredibly difficult time.

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