Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys share your experiences and help create change

Caring for somebody

You may not consider yourself to be a carer, but if you’re helping care for a loved one it’s important to look after yourself too. The following resources have been developed to support people who are helping care for someone who is living with a brain tumour diagnosis.

Join our Online Support Community for carers

Our private Online Support Communities on Facebook are a safe and secure space to connect with other carers and share your experiences.

Being a carer

Being a carer is a selfless and difficult thing to do, so do remember to be kind to yourself

Support for carers

Learn more about what support is available to you as a carer of someone with a brain tumour


Our free counselling service provides a safe space to talk about the impact that a loved one’s diagnosis has had on you.

Tips to help carers communicate

Julie Emerson, a Speech & Language Therapist, shares some strategies that may help carers.

Lyn and David’s story

Lyn Roberts spoke to us about her experiences as a full-time carer for her husband David.

Coping with personality changes

It can be more difficult to care for someone when their personality has completely changed.