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Caring for someone with a brain tumour

You may not consider yourself to be a carer. But, if you’re helping care for a loved one, it’s important to look after yourself too. The following resources have been developed to support people who are caring for someone with a brain tumour diagnosis.

On this page, we’ll give you information on being a carer as well as provide tips on support for carers, stories from the community, and more.

Resources for caring for someone with a brain tumour

Being a carer

Being a carer is a selfless and difficult thing to do, so do remember to be kind to yourself

Support for carers

Learn more about what support is available to you as a carer of someone with a brain tumour


Our free counselling service provides a safe space to talk about the impact that a loved one’s diagnosis has had on you.

Tips to help carers communicate

Julie Emerson, a Speech & Language Therapist, shares some strategies that may help carers.

Lyn and David’s story

Lyn Roberts spoke to us about her experiences as a full-time carer for her husband David.

Coping with personality changes

It can be more difficult to care for someone when their personality has completely changed.

Join our Online Support Community for carers

Our private Online Support Communities on Facebook are a safe and secure space to connect with other carers and share your experiences.