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End of life and bereavement

Receiving the news of a terminal brain tumour diagnosis may cause you to think about what decisions that you need to make about the end of life, and what support will be available to help you and your family throughout this difficult time.

Or, if you have lost your loved one to a brain tumour, you may want to know about what support is available.

End of life and palliative care

We have produced some practical resources and information which can help you through this difficult time.

You may also wish to make clear your wishes around your treatment at the end of life and whether you would like to donate your organs. 

Palliative care for adults

Palliative care is supportive care which aims to manage the symptoms or side effects of a brain tumour.

Palliative care for children

Find out about how palliative care can help to manage the side effects or symptoms of a brain tumour in children

Preparing for the end of life

Learn more about how you and your loved ones can prepare for the end of life.

Advanced care planning

Making an advanced care plan helps your loves one to understand your wishes about your care and what you want to happen in the future.

What happens at the end of life?

Everyone’s experience of dying is different but there are common changes people go through.

Brain donation

Donating your brain gives researchers access to brain tissue vital for developing treatments.

My child’s brain tumour is terminal

Find answers to practical questions you may have if your child is approaching end of life.

How do I tell my child they’re dying?

Clinical Psychologist, Dr Emma Porter, shares her thoughts on navigating this difficult time.

Financial support for you

Find out what financial benefits may be available to you following a terminal brain tumour diagnosis.

Writing a Will and Lasting Power of Attorney

Learn more about preparing for the future by writing a Will and why it’s so important.

Making plans for after you die

Making plans can make sure your loved ones can understand and follow your wishes.


Our free counselling services provide a safe space to talk about the end of life and the impact that a terminal brain tumour diagnosis has had on you or your loved ones.

Bereavement support

Below we have some information on the support available if your loved one dies because of a brain tumour.

Bereavement counselling

Our free counselling service provides a safe space to talk about the impact that the death of a loved one has had on you.

What to do after your child dies from a brain tumour

Information answering common questions parents have surrounding the death of a child.

Financial support for families

Find out what financial support is available to your family after losing a loved one.

Set up a Tribute Fund in memory of a loved one

Find out about how you can set up a tribute fund or funeral donation.

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