Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys share your experiences and help create change

What we’re funding

We are the leading funder of brain tumour research in the UK, committing over £50 million to date on pioneering projects that will help adults and children with brain tumours.

We fund research through a competitive, fair and transparent process of best practice called peer review to ensure we only select the very best research that will have a real impact on those affected by brain tumours.

Cannabinoid research in the clinic

Thanks to your support we managed to raise the funds for a first-of-its-kind-in-the-UK clinical trial into using cannabinoids to treat brain tumours. The phase II clinical trial will explore whether combining Sativex with temozolomide works better than using temozolomide alone and whether participants receiving Sativex live longer, better lives. We’re poised to start the trial in Spring 2023 and can’t wait to see the results.

Our latest research grants

We're pleased to share our most recent research awards. Our Scientific Advisory Board told us that these are the highest quality grants with the best chance of success. We look forward to seeing their progress in the coming months and years.

Research projects

As part of our research strategy, A Cure Can’t Wait, we have established various funding opportunities to achieve our goals of doubling survival and halving the harm caused by a brain tumour. More information about the different types of grants we fund can be found below:

Child brain tumour research

Current and past research projects to enhance our understanding of tumours and how to treat them

Adult brain tumour research

Read about our current and past research projects, furthering our understanding of adult brain tumours and treatments

a man at a desk with a laptop and notepad

The Brain Tumour Data Accelerator

Read about How our new project with Imperial College London aims to accelerate a cure through linked data