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Defeating Brain Tumours – Leaning In: 2021-2022

Our new organisational strategy, ‘Defeating Brain Tumours – Leaning In: 2021-2022’, defines our priorities over the next year as we continue to drive progress towards a world where brain tumours are defeated.

Below, our outgoing CEO, Sarah Lindsell, introduces our new strategy video explaining what we’ll be focusing on, why we’re taking this approach and what it means for our community.

As my time as CEO for The Brain Tumour Charity comes to a close, I’m so pleased to be able to share with you this animation introducing The Charity’s new organisational strategy for 2021-2022: ‘Defeating Brain Tumours – Leaning In’.

As we all know, 2020 did not go the way anyone expected. COVID-19 not only had a significant impact on the brain tumour community, but also on NHS services, the pace of research, and our own funds and resources as a charity.

There’s one thing the pandemic hasn’t changed, however, and that’s our vision of a world where brain tumours are defeated.

Over the past five years, since the launch of our previous strategy, ‘Defeating Brain Tumours 2015-2020’, The Charity has made some incredible strides forward – as outlined in our recent Impact Report 2020. Together, we’ve moved closer to a cure – but there is much work still to be done.

This new strategy will allow The Charity to respond to the COVID-19 crisis by drawing on its strengths and leaning in to the community, maximising impact and accelerating change in those areas where progress is still urgently needed:

  • harnessing the power of data
  • driving the best care everywhere for those affected by this disease, and
  • empowering all of you to be passionate voices for change in tackling injustice, speeding up diagnosis times, propelling pioneering research and supporting each other.

As you’ll see, we’ve put people affected by brain tumours at the heart of this strategy. And we very much hope that you’ll stand with The Charity this year – and beyond - as we step up, take action and unite our voices in calling for much-needed progress.

Thank you,

Sarah Lindsell
Outgoing CEO – The Brain Tumour Charity

We’ll be sharing further details of the strategy soon, so keep an eye on your communications from us over the next few weeks.

Thank you for your support!

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