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Brain tumours and isolation

When you or a loved one is living with isolation and a brain tumour, you can often feel lonely or isolated – like nobody else could understand what you’re going through. The following resources are to help you tackle these feelings. If you need any support and talk to someone, please do not hesitate to contact us on our support and information line.

share your experiences if you are affected by isolation and a brain tumour

Join our Online Support Community

Our private Online Support Communities are a safe and secure space to connect with other people who are affected by isolation and a brain tumour and share your experiences.

Loneliness and isolation

People affected by isolation and brain tumours can often feel alone, isolated or disconnected from the world.

Top tips for tackling isolation and brain tumours

Learn about top tips from our community to tackle feelings of loneliness and isolation.

Janet’s story

“My mother had a terminal brain tumour. Who could possibly understand?”

Taking care of your mental health

Advice on how to look after yourself if a brain tumour diagnosis has you feeling low.

Chelsea’s story

Chelsea, one of our Young Ambassadors, shares her experience of her first Young Adults Service Meet Up.

Videos about mental health

A collection of videos about mental health made with Clare Jacobson a specialist clinical psychologist at Guy’s Hospital.

Feeling isolated or alone

If you are diagnosed with a brain tumour and feeling lonely or isolated, we are here for you. We have some tips and advice to help you tackle your isolation and take care of your mental health. We also have these top tips to help care for your mental healthIn these resources you can read stories by the people who were affected by a brain tumour. And, find out how The Brain Tumour Charity supports the people who have feelings of loneliness, isolation and mental health problems.