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Bereavement resources

Bereavement takes many different forms, and everybody experiences it in their own way. But, if your loved one has died following a brain tumour diagnosis, or has received a terminal diagnosis, these bereavement resources might help you.

In our bereavement resources we give you information on understanding grief, supporting yourself and others, and services you can access to help you process your grief. Click the links below to view these and other bereavement resources.

Bereavement resources that might help you

grieving older woman sitting on a sofa resting her head on her hand

What is grief?

Learn more about grief, its effects and its models, like the five stages of grief.

a mother and child walk in a sunlit forest - tips on coping with grief form part of our bereavement resources

How to cope with grief

We provide tips for looking after yourself when experiencing grief.

close-up of a man's hands holding a woman's hands and supporting her while she's grieving

Supporting someone who’s grieving

Here we offer tips and resources for supporting someone who’s grieving.

Illustration of a woman and man sitting on sofas on the phone accessing one of our bereavement resources: bereavement counselling.

Our bereavement counselling

Information about the Charity’s bereavement counselling service and how to refer yourself.

close-up of a person's hands holding another's hands and supporting her while she's grieving

Find Bereavement Support Services

See what local and national bereavement support is available to you.

UK bank notes representing financial support, one of the helpful services in our bereavement resources

Financial support if you’re bereaved

There may be bereavement financial support available if you have lost a loved one.

a mother talks with her daughter while sitting on a sofa

Supporting a bereaved child

Find tips and resources on how to support a bereaved child or young person.

young school children sit at their desks and listen to their teacher

Resources for schools

Tips for teachers and staff to use when supporting bereaved pupils.

vector image of acorns

Set up a tribute fund

Find out how to set up a tribute fund in memory of a loved one who has died.