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Improving brain tumour care is a No Brainer!

In just six weeks, more than 50,000 people stood up for the brain tumour community and signed our open letter calling for a National Brain Tumour Strategy. 

To kick off Brain Tumour Awareness Month 2024, we launched our No Brainer campaign and open letter to the Government.   

The open letter urged the Government to develop a National Brain Tumour Strategy to help improve research, treatment, care, and diagnosis for people affected by a brain tumour. We believe this is a clear path to saving lives and reducing suffering. 

More than 50,000 of you agreed with us, signed the open letter and helped make sure our voices would be heard loud and clear by the Government. 

Why we need a National Brain Tumour Strategy

Brain tumours develop differently. So, current NHS cancer programmes often don’t work for people affected.

A National Brain Tumour Strategy could give them the support they need.

To do this, there are four key things that it needs to prioritise:

National Brain Tumour Strategy campaign badge for essential care and support. The icon shows a stethoscope with the earpieces in the shape of a heart

Essential care and support

We must improve care for those with brain tumours, offering them the support they deserve. Together, we can make sure no one faces this diagnosis alone.

National Brain Tumour Strategy campaign badge for fast, efficient diagnosis. The icon shows a clipboard with a watch and a magnifying glass hovering over it.

Faster, more efficient diagnosis

Faster diagnosis can prevent lasting harm. Let’s fix our broken system and help save lives through faster, more efficient diagnosis. Together, we can make it happen.

National Brain Tumour Strategy policy paper – PDF

Download our National Brain Tumour Strategy policy paper to get more information about what we're calling for.

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