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Transforming the research landscape is a No Brainer! 

We explain why a National Brain Tumour Strategy is needed to transform the research landscape so research into brain tumours can move out of the lab, into clinics and available to the community. 

It’s a well-known fact that research into brain tumours is chronically underfunded and under resourced. In fact, just 3.2% (£22.4m) of the over £700 million invested in UK cancer research funding in 2019/20 was spent on brain tumours (this percent includes £6.6m of spending by The Brain Tumour Charity). 

But we also know that the challenges for research into brain tumours faced by researchers are larger than just needing more funding.

Matthew was diagnosed with a glioblastoma and knowing there was no cure currently available, he hoped to be accepted onto a clinical trial for promising new treatments.  

However, he found very few options and had to turn down one opportunity because the travel involved would disrupt his current treatment.    

Another trial Matthew was hoping to be part of – our ARISTOCRAT clinical trial that aims to extend the lives of people with brain tumours – is only recruiting patients with recurrent tumours. So, Matthew would only be able to take part if his tumour reoccurs.  

Transforming the research landscape so that people like Matthew can have some hope by participating in clinical trials is a No Brainer! If you agree, sign our open letter calling for a National Brain Tumour Strategy today. 

 Turning research breakthroughs into clinical best practice

We know there is innovative research being conducted, but we need more to push forward faster. Current research with genetics and the biology of brain tumours is increasing our understanding of the development of the tumours, which in turn, helps to identify new ways to diagnose and treat tumours. However, there are still gaps. For example, the advancement from low grade to high grade tumours is still not yet well understood.  

There are also large gaps in translational research – translating laboratory discoveries into new effective treatments for patients, extending survival and improving quality of life. There are significant delays in translating laboratory research to clinical trials, and even further delays from clinical trials to medical regulatory approval. This means that brain tumour patients today are missing out on promising new treatments.  

To ensure the UK continues being a life science hub and to give researchers the best chance of discovering cures for brain tumours, we believe that a National Brain Tumour Strategy is needed.  

Access to new and better treatments

By ensuring people have access to new treatments and trials, we can offer hope. Let’s ensure that everyone has a fair chance at better treatments and brighter futures.

Faster, more efficient diagnosis

Faster diagnosis can prevent lasting harm. Let’s fix our broken system and help save lives through faster, more efficient diagnosis. Together, we can make it happen.

Essential care and support

We must improve care for those with brain tumours, offering them the support they deserve. Together, we can make sure no one faces this diagnosis alone.