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Side effects of a brain tumour

Brain tumours may cause side effects which can have an impact on your quality of life. They can affect different parts of the brain which control different functions. This means that the effects of a brain tumour you may experience depend on the location, its size and its aggressiveness. 

Find out more information about the common side effects of a brain tumour and discover some of the strategies our community has found useful to cope with them. 

Personality changes

Brain tumours can cause personality changes such as anxiety and confusion.

Memory difficulties

Learn how brain tumours can affect memory and get tips for coping.

Communication difficulties

A brain tumour can cause difficulties with understanding or expressing language, or both.


Fatigue is the most common side-effect of brain tumours and their treatment.


Depression can be triggered by a diagnosis, treatment or by the impact on daily life.

Cognition (thinking skills)

Brain tumours and treatments can affect thinking skills, making aspects of daily life difficult.

Seizures (epilepsy)

Up to 60% of brain tumour patients will experience a seizure at least once.

Learning difficulties

It’s estimated that over half of children with a brain tumour will experience a learning difficulty.

Sight problems

Around 28% of people with a brain tumour report a vision problem, find out about sight problems.

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