Get your school, college or university involved

There are lots of fun ways to raise money for charity with your school, college or university, helping us to stamp out brain tumours for good.

We have put together a list of fundraising ideas and would love to hear your plans, let us know and we can make sure that you have everything you need for your event. Have a look at our downloadable fundraising resources to get started.


Be HeadSmart

Our award winning HeadSmart campaign aims to reduce the time it takes to diagnose a brain tumour in a child, by raising awareness and knowledge of the signs and symptoms of childhood brain tumours.

We can provide parents and teachers with HeadSmart symptoms cards and posters to make them brain tumour aware. Please email to request your posters and symptoms card.

Non uniform day

Everyone loves not having to wear their uniform so ask for a small donation in return for people wearing their own clothes. Why not pick a theme if you want to make more of a statement, everyone could come as their favourite film character or superhero? Or maybe get your teachers to come in school uniform!

Cake sale

Challenge your teachers to a bake-off challenge judged by you, or see how many different types of cupcake people can bring to sell. Bake some delicious treats and sell them during break times and after school. Remember to put up some posters before so that everyone knows to bring some spending money!

Instead of the usual cupcakes and brownies, why not make a batch of healthy treats? Adventurous bakers could try a batch of courgette muffins or an avocado chocolate cake to tempt buyers.

School boot sale

Gather together old books and toys and hold a sale in the school hall or playground. A great way for unwanted items to be treasured by someone else! You could run your sale like a business and everyone could take on a role in making it a success.

End of term party or school fete

Why not run a stall or organise a raffle at your end of term party or school fete? You could even try something really challenging like persuading your teachers to help you raise money for charity by getting gunged if you hit a certain fundraising target!

Talent show

Many people love a chance to show off their talent whether it's singing, dancing or telling terrible jokes! Hold an after school talent show and sell tickets to parents, provide cakes and cups of tea for a small donation.

Sports tournament

Hold an inter-class rounders, football or netball tournament. Encourage your teachers to form a team and take on a team of pupils. Ask for donations from spectators or charge a small entry fee per team.

Universities and College

As well as all of the ideas listed above, there are plenty of other ways you can get your university or college involved in fundraising for The Brain Tumour Charity.

Give it up

Why not try giving up alcohol or chocolate for a month and asking your friends to sponsor you for the challenge!

Shave it off

Are you brave enough to shave your head? Men could try a sponsored beard shave or leg and chest waxing to raise more cash!

Quiz night

Hold a quiz night at the student union and charge an entrance fee per team. You can even bring in some extra funds through charging forfeits for anyone caught swearing or cheating!