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Managing your money after a brain tumour diagnosis

The financial impact of a brain tumour diagnosis can be difficult to navigate. These resources have been developed to help support anybody affected by a brain tumour, whether they’re newly diagnosed, are living with the long-term effects of a brain tumour or have a loved one who’s living with a brain tumour.

Benefits, employment and coronavirus

Denise, our experienced Benefits and Money Adviser, answers your questions about how coronavirus might affect your employment and/or benefits.

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The financial impact of a brain tumour

Guidance to help you take the first steps in taking control of your finances after a diagnosis.

Finances and Government benefits

If you're affected by a brain tumour, you may be entitled to certain financial benefits.

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Financial and legal arrangements

Thinking about these financial plans as early as possible, means you’re prepared for the future.

Tips for claiming benefits

Tips to help you be more succesful when claiming benefits after receiving a brain tumour diagnosis.

Our experienced Benefits and Money Advisor providing advice over the phone to someone affected by a brain tumour

Benefits & Money Clinic

Call our Benefits & Money Clinic for specialist advice and financial support for brain tumour patients and their carers.

Employment and brain tumours

Information about the impact a brain tumour can have on your work and advice for telling your employer about your diagnosis.