Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys share your experiences and help create change

10 ways we can help

Whether you’ve been diagnosed with a brain tumour, or it’s a family member or friend, we are here to help. We offer a wide range of inclusive and accessible services for everyone affected by a brain tumour, whether it’s low or high grade, adult or child.

Find out more about the information and support we provide for healthcare professional and teachers.

1. Choose your next steps

Our Step by Step interactive guide walks you through what to expect at each stage after your diagnosis. You’ll find questions to ask your healthcare team, suggested actions for you to take and useful resources for you to explore.

A member of our Support & Information Team provides support over the phone to somebody affected by a brain tumour diagnosis

2. Speak to our team

Our team is here to listen, support you and help with any information you need. Email us at, call us using 0808 800 0004 or start a live chat today.

3. Help for children & families

We have a dedicated team specialising in supporting your family and children with advice, events, parents’ groups, education resources, animations and more.

4. Support for young adults

Our Young Adults team and Young Ambassadors focus on supporting 16-30 year olds, with advice and videos, communities, events, employment and education resources and more.

The four booklets that make up our Brain Tumour Information Pack are spread across a wooden desk. They're titled - "Brain Tumours:The Basics", "Tumour types and treatments", "Living well with a brain tumour" and "A guide for family and friends".

5. Just diagnosed?

Our Information Pack gives you everything you need to know in one manageable package. Perfect for if you, or someone you know, has just been diagnosed.

6. Hear about other people

Connect directly with other people affected by a brain tumour diagnosis in our online support groups on Facebook, HealthUnlocked and Instagram.

7. Use BRIAN to take control

Our BRIAN app will help you manage your experience day-to-day and the data you input will help accelerate research into brain tumours.

8. Meet others who understand

Join one of our online meet ups, where you can connect with others going through similar experiences. And we hope we can see you in person soon too!

9. Look after your relationships

Our free relationship counselling from Relate can help strengthen your relationships, whether you’re single at the moment or already part of a couple.

Our experienced Benefits and Money Advisor providing advice over the phone to someone affected by a brain tumour

10. Sort out money and benefits

Our free, confidential, expert money and benefits clinic is a partnership with Citizens Advice. Book an appointment to access specialist advice and support.

And three ways you can help us

An older couple sit close together on a sofa using a tablet, they look comfortable and deep in thought.

1. Improve treatment and care

Share your experiences in our Improving Brain Tumour Care surveys. Your feedback will highlight best practice and gaps in care and help us improve care for all.

2. Use your experience to drive change

Your experiences make you an expert. If you’d like to use that expertise to make things better, there are lots of simple opportunities to get involved.

3. Fundraise for us

As part of our inspirational team of fundraisers, you can help us to find a cure faster and make a real difference to the lives of those affected by a brain tumour sooner.