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Gifts in Wills

Brain tumours remain the biggest cancer killer of children and adults under 40, and claim the lives of over 5,000 people every year. Gifts in Wills could fund research that leads to a life-saving breakthrough, or help develop a kinder treatment.

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes – no matter what size gift you choose to leave, you will be giving hope to everyone who faces a brain tumour.

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Find out how a gift left in your Will helps accelerate cures for brain tumours.

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Gifts in Wills are investment in the future

“I picture hospitals full of kinder treatments that work. Labs full of ground-breaking research into brain tumours. I see survivors, lots of survivors. Children recovering to live long, happy lives. Families celebrating Christmases and birthdays they never thought they’d have. Couples growing old together. I see a future full of hope for everyone facing a brain tumour.”

Sarah, who lost her son Silas.

How gifts in Wills help The Brain Tumour Charity

Gifts in Wills have helped us to invest in progress on all three fronts: research, support for those affected and awareness of the impact brain tumours can have.

And we’re making extraordinary advances thanks to the support of people who have remembered us in their Will.

  • We support thousands of people affected by a brain tumour each year.
  • We’ve invested over £43 million into world-class, forward-thinking research.
  • We’ve launched BRIAN, our ground-breaking app and databank to accelerate progress towards a cure.
  • And our HeadSmart campaign has helped to halve the average diagnosis time for children in the UK.

Just imagine what can be achieved in the next few decades.

Hope comes in all shapes and sizes. Whether you leave a large gift or can only afford a small one, you will be helping to give hope to everyone who has to face a brain tumour in the future.

How gifts in Wills can support research into brain tumours

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could fund a whole year of RNA sequencing on childhood brain tumours, enabling researchers to investigate what causes them.

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could fund a whole year of cutting-edge bioluminescence imaging for glioblastoma research, enabling researchers to see and understand how tumours develop and grow.

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could support a team of brain tumour researchers for a whole year, paying for essential lab consumables such as cell culture, petri dishes and test tubes. The team use these to conduct research which could lead to life-saving breakthroughs.