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Leave a gift in your Will

By remembering the Charity in your Will, you can help ensure that we’re at the forefront of the search for a cure.

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Gifts in Wills have helped us to invest in progress on all three fronts: research, support for those affected and awareness of the impact brain tumours can have.

And we’re making extraordinary advances thanks to the support of people who have remembered us in their Will.

  • We’ve invested over £50 million into world-class, forward-thinking research.
  • We’ve launched BRIAN, our ground-breaking app and databank to accelerate progress towards a cure.
  • We support thousands of people affected by a brain tumour each year.
  • And our HeadSmart campaign has helped to halve the average diagnosis time for children in the UK.

Just imagine what can be achieved in the next few decades.

A gift in your Will of just 1%, after loved ones have been looked after, will bring new momentum to the cause and give hope for a future where brain tumours are defeated.

Every gift gets us closer to a cure

We appreciate that when making your Will, your loved ones must come first, but we’d be very grateful if you would consider remembering us too. For example, if you were to leave 99% to family and friends and just 1% towards our work, you’ll be helping to bring forward the day when all brain tumours can be defeated.

If you do decide to include us in your Will, or have already done so, it would be wonderful if you could let us know by contacting Katie at or calling 01252 749043. We will of course respect your privacy. However, we’d love to have the chance to thank you properly and to know you have such confidence in the progress we’re making.

It had never crossed my mind to leave a gift in my Will to a charity, but following the death of my mum to a brain tumour I started to look at the world differently. I felt inspired to include The Brain Tumour Charity. I like the idea that my money could save and improve so many lives.

Ellie, Neurosurgical Registrar and Clinical Lecturer, University of Plymouth

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See how your gift could build on past success and help to accelerate our progress.

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If you have already remembered us in your Will, we won’t know in your lifetime unless you choose to tell us. Please give us the chance to say thank you.