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How to write a Will for free

Are you wondering how much it costs to write a Will? Good news, here you’ll learn how to write a Will for free.

All of our supporters can write a simple single or Mirror Will for free via our Will writing providers.

We pay a reduced fee to our partners for each Will made so that our supporters can write their Will at no cost to them.

Using the services of one of our partners does not mean that you have to leave a gift to The Brain Tumour Charity but we would be very grateful if you did consider it.

Here’s how to write a Will for free

Find a local solicitor

a couple sits with a solicitor discussing how to write a Will for free

We’ll send you a list of trusted solicitors in your area.

Make a Will online

a man sits at a computer researching how to write a Will for free

Online Wills are professionally drafted and solicitor-checked.

Will writing at home

a female solicitor sits with an elderly woman at a kitchen table discussing how to write a Will for free

Have a professional visit you in your own home.

Write a Will online

If you need a relatively straightforward Will, you can make your Will online now through Make a Will Online. These online Wills are still professionally drafted and solicitor-checked so that you have peace of mind you have your affairs in order, all from the comfort of your home.

Using the online Will link above means that we’re notified when a Will is made and given information about the gifts that are left. You can also choose to share your name and details too so that we can thank you properly.

However, we understand you may want to keep your gift totally private. To do this and continue to make use of this service, use this link to make your Will online.

Find a local solicitor

By using The National Free Wills Network, you can write or update your Will for free with a legal professional at one of over 700 local law firms.

Once you’ve been referred, The National Free Wills Network will contact you by post, with details of solicitors in your area. Simply choose a solicitor from the list and arrange an appointment.

Once you’ve had your meeting, you’ll be asked to complete a Confidential Declaration Form where you can tell us if you’ve included a gift in your Will, but there’s absolutely no obligation to do so.

To be referred, call us on 01252 749043 or email your full name and address to mygift@thebraintumourcharity.org

Other ways of writing a Will

Will writing at home

If you’d rather a professional visit you in your own home to draw up your Will, The Goodwill Partnership offers discounted rates to our supporters.

Simply call The Goodwill Partnership directly on 0844 669 6148 or sign up online at The Goodwill Partnership.

A trained member of staff from the Goodwill Partnership will come to your home or another place of your choosing at a time that suits you to take your Will instructions. This can also be done over the telephone.

A solicitor will then draw up your Will and present it to you. This home service would usually cost between £250-£450 but as one of our supporters, you’ll pay just £130 when you go through the Goodwill Partnership.

Traditional solicitor

If you prefer, you can find a solicitor to meet with in person in your local area via The Law Society’s Find a Solicitor service. We would recommend following this route if you’re on strong medication or if you’re worried about mental capacity issues. And if you have any questions or concerns, you can always contact us.

Woman holding a small child

Leaving a gift is for everyone who shares our hope of a better future for people facing brain tumours. It doesn’t matter how much you leave. Every single gift, large or small, is an act of kindness with the power to make hope shine brighter for every adult, child and family.