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Collaboration with us

At The Brain Tumour Charity we're pioneering, passionate, smart and collaborative in all that we do. We also understand and respect that as a family-led charity you'll have a loved one at the heart of what you do, shaping your own individual values and goals.

Fighting this terrible disease is on all of our agendas and with our unapologetically ambitious goals of doubling survival rates and halving the harm that brain tumours have, we feel that collaboration is vital.

All family-led charities will be interested in different projects dependent on their individual values and goals. Whether it be adult or paediatric, high or low grade research or support services, any such collaboration with us is very special and we never take your support for granted. We'll provide a bespoke relationship which meets the needs of the family-led charity as well as our own and we ensure that we ‘get it right’. We know that every collaboration and relationship with us will be unique.

If you are interested in funding research with us, please contact Phoebe Day, Gifts and Partnerships Manager.

Our partnerships

Click the images below to read more about our collaborators and the world-class research we're funding together.

The Oli Hilsdon Foundation

The Oli Hilsdon Foundation

Diagnosed with a Glioblastoma at the age of 22, Oli Hilsdon was given just 12 months to live. 

Oli fought his diagnosis with optimism, courage and wicked sense of humour. Running the London Marathon in under 4 hours, working full time, traveling the world and marrying his wife, Gigi, Oli taught everyone what it is to live and to celebrate all that life has to offer.

Oli passed away in January 2019, after telling his family ‘I’m so lucky, I have a wonderful life’, just 10 days before his 27th birthday.

Gigi established The Oli Hilsdon Foundation in January 2019 with Oli’s sister Emily, sister-in-law Maria and university friends Adam, Alastair and John. The Oli Hilsdon Foundation continues Oli’s incredible work raising awareness and funding for research projects that advance the goal of extending and ultimately saving the lives of those diagnosed with a Glioblastoma.

The Oli Hilsdon Foundation have pledged to fund Professor Simona Parrinello’s ‘Mapping GBM Cells’ research project in its entirety through The Brain Tumour Charity. The project will use new techniques to map the invasion of tumour cells, helping researchers develop more effective therapies that will help block tumour cells from spreading and prevent recurrence.

OSCAR's Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity

OSCAR's Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity

OSCAR's Paediatric Brain Tumour Charity was formed in the summer of 2014 by the parents and friends of Oscar Hughes. Oscar was just nine-years-old when he died of a medulloblastoma in May 2014.

Founded by Oscar's Mum, The Charity part-funds a researcher based at the Institute of Cancer Research who works alongside Professor Louis Chesler, developing new drugs to treat medulloblastomas.

They have also pledged to fund PNET5, a clinical trial aiming to prove that some children with a medulloblastoma could benefit from less aggressive therapies. This could increase their quality of survival, reduce the time spent in hospital and critically, reduce the risk of long-term disabilities.

Katy Holmes Trust

Katy Holmes Trust

Katy Holmes Trust is a charity dedicated to raising awareness and funding research towards paediatric brain tumours, in memory of 10 year old Katy Holmes. Together with Great Ormond Street Hospital Children's Charity and Children with Cancer UK, we are co-funding the INSTINCT programme to improve treatment options for children diagnosed with DIPG.

Evie's Gift

Evie's Gift

Following diagnosis of an aggressive brain tumour while on holiday in Spain, Evie died just twelve weeks later. Evie was only 13 years old.

During her treatment, Evie’s parents were accommodated within hospital grounds as well as the Ronald McDonald House but, sadly, other parents are not so fortunate. Bryan and Patsy Clover witnessed too many frightened and tired parents of children with similar life-threatening diagnosis’ sleeping on chairs in parents’ rooms or in their cars because they couldn’t afford local hotels.

Evie’s Gift aims to take away some of the worry by giving immediate financial assistance to parents with some food, travel and hotel costs. The charity have also chosen to support our pioneering partnership with the Structural Genomics Consortium (SGC) funding two researchers who will be searching for new drugs that can be used in the treatment of brain tumours.

Little Hero

Little Hero

Will was an adventurous and cheeky 6 year old boy, full of beans with a real love for life. 

After being diagnosed with a particularly aggressive form of medulloblastoma, Will’s family tragically lost him just 9 months later to this horrific disease in February 2019.

Will’s family fought really hard to save Will. The Little Hero charity want to help other families suffering from the devastating effects of brain tumours and are pushing for change in primary cancer care methods, raising money to support other families fighting this savage disease and for research into more effective primary treatments for the most aggressive varieties of paediatric brain tumours.

Little Hero have chosen to part-fund our research project led by Dr Laure Bihannic to understand which cells give rise to Groups 3 and 4 medulloblastoma and use this knowledge to create accurate and effective pre-clinical tumour models for these subgroups.

If you are interested in funding research with us, please contact Phoebe Tanner, Gifts and Partnerships Manager.

Working with us

You could expect the following when collaborating with us:

  • our promise that 100% of your funding goes directly to your chosen project
  • our assurance that our research projects have been chosen through a rigorous, competitive and strict peer review process
  • an annual report detailing how the project is progressing, key milestones achieved and successes
  • invitations to our VIP/strategic events throughout the year as appropriate

This is intended only as a guide as we know every collaboration and relationship will be unique.