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Collaboration with us

At The Brain Tumour Charity we’re pioneering, passionate, smart and collaborative in all that we do. We also understand and respect that as a family-led charity you’ll have a loved one at the heart of what you do, shaping your own individual values and goals.

Fighting this terrible disease is on all of our agendas and with our unapologetically ambitious goals of doubling survival rates and halving the harm that brain tumours have, we feel that collaboration is vital. Find out how we’re leaning into our strengths and our community, to make sure we can continue to drive urgent progress for everybody affected by a brain tumour.

We are proud to work alongside The Brain Tumour Charity to fund exceptional research as we honour Oli’s legacy and work towards a future with a cure for brain cancer. The team are dedicated and tireless in their unwavering commitment to changing the meaning and outcome of a brain tumour. Working with the Charity feels like a genuine collaboration due to their amazing willingness and ability to help wherever they can.

Gigi, Trustee of The Oli Hilsdon Foundation

All family-led charities will be interested in different projects dependent on their individual values and goals. Whether it be adult or paediatric, high or low grade research or support services, any such collaboration with us is very special and we never take your support for granted. We’ll provide a bespoke relationship which meets the needs of the family-led charity as well as our own and we ensure that we ‘get it right’. We know that every collaboration and relationship with us will be unique.

If you are interested in funding research with us, please contact Phoebe Day, Gifts and Partnerships Manager.

PNET5 Clinical Trial

Find out more about the PNET5 clinical trail that is being part-funded by Oscar’s Paediatric Brain tumour Charity.

Our partnerships

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If you are interested in funding research with us, please contact Phoebe Day, Gifts and Partnerships Manager.

Working with us

You could expect the following when collaborating with us:

  • our promise that 100% of your funding goes directly to your chosen project
  • our assurance that our research projects have been chosen through a rigorous, competitive and strict peer review process
  • an annual report detailing how the project is progressing, key milestones achieved and successes
  • invitations to our VIP/strategic events throughout the year as appropriate

This is intended only as a guide as we know every collaboration and relationship will be unique.