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Our Young Ambassadors

The two-year Young Ambassador Programme is for young adults aged 18-25, who have either been affected by their own brain tumour diagnosis, or that of a loved one.

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Applications are now closed to the 2024-2026 programme. Please do have a look at our other volunteering opportunities and the Young Adult service.

If you think you’d be interested in becoming a Young Ambassador in the future, please email involvement@thebraintumourcharity.org

“I’ve definitely made some friends for life…we share a bond, not only through our shared experiences, but also through the memories that we’ve created as Young Ambassadors. It’s been a truly special experience for me.”

Madi, Young Ambassador champion

Meet our new Young Ambassadors 2024-2026

What do you get up to:

  • Be the voice of young adults and share their stories to raise awareness.
  • Champion our major campaigns – Better Safe Than Tumour and BRIAN.
  • Support events and fundraise to raise funds to move towards a cure faster

As well as supporting other teenagers and young adults affected by a brain tumour diagnosis, their ideas and input have been vital in shaping our Young Adult Service, and in developing our resources.

Our Young Ambassadors not only play an important role in our work, but they also gain the opportunity to learn and develop new skills, (such as public speaking or social media promotion). They are also able to meet and socialise with others their own age, who have been through similar experiences.

Young Ambassadors through the years

Our current Young Ambassadors

“My time as a Young Ambassador has been the best decision I have ever made. I’ve met friends for life, my confidence has grown beyond words, and I am truly grateful for the incredible opportunities that I have been part of. I’ve found myself, and no longer have to hide my disability from anyone, or feel ashamed to have a disability. I am me, and it’s about time that I embrace everything that life throws at me. ” Lauren, Young Ambassador champion


Of course! We also welcome young adults who have been affected by a close family member’s diagnosis to share their experiences as a Young Ambassador.

As a Young Ambassador, your job is to advocate on behalf of The Charity and create change around the issues that are important to you. This could be getting involved with our campaigning and policy work, raising awareness on social media, or meeting others at events. You’ll be asked to volunteer at Young Adult Events and Family Days, which are fun days out for other members of our community.

Some of the other ways you can support our work is by helping us develop resources for our community, giving your feedback on important issues, and supporting the staff team in their work – like going along to a bid for charity of the year at a local business.

You’ll have the chance to take on your own fundraising challenges if you want to, as well as supporting other local fundraisers with their events and attend cheque collections on behalf of The Charity. You can also share your story and help promote the work of The Charity.

Yes! You’ll receive a charity induction so you’re in the know about all things The Brain Tumour Charity, and meet some of the staff you’ll be working closely with. We will also deliver relevant training sessions to help you develop new skills over the next two years, supporting you to feel confident in different situations. Some of the training we’ve held previously includes; public speaking, handling difficult conversations and digital skills.

We also offer other useful training through skills workshops.

There is a minimum requirement of some charity events throughout the two years, including the training sessions, but everything else is up to you to manage.

We hold monthly meetings for an hour we’d really encourage you to attend as much as possible. These are a great chance to check in with your fellow young ambassadors and hear about upcoming opportunities. This is roughly 3 hours per month.

There are lots of things you can do to help The Charity that won’t take much time at all – like completing surveys, or recording a thank you video to a corporate partner or fundraiser.

You’ll be invited to two training sessions a year which it’s important you attend – these are the best chance to meet with the other Young Ambassadors socially, as well as receiving training and updates from The Charity. You’ll also have the opportunity to attend other charity lead events which your fellow Young Ambassadors may also attend. Eg. Twilight Walk

There are monthly virtual meet ups to discuss how you are getting on, receive updates from the organisation and know the upcoming opportunities. These are followed up with a monthly email.

Finally we have our Volunteering system Volunteero, which is an app to share opportunities with you quickly and easily as soon as they become available. You’ll also share a group chat here to keep in touch with each other.

Absolutely. We don’t want there to be anything stopping you from attending an event or training session, and want you to get the most out of it. If you need someone there to support you it’s fine for them to join you. We will have a chat about what this looks like and if there is anything we can do to help you either independently or with another person.

We want the role to be accessible to all and are able to support with travel arrangements if you do suffer from travel anxiety. This would involve us supporting booking your travel, showing you how to arrange travel assistance if needed and ensuring you are comfortable with your route beforehand. We will also try to link you with other Young Ambassadors who travel in a similar direction for support.

We don’t want this to be a barrier to you volunteering and do not expect you to pay for expenses occurred when supporting the charity. We cover travel expenses, hotel expense if needed and a food budget for the day. Read more at our expenses policy.

Being a Young Ambassador is a two year role, and at the end of this two years you’ll be offered the chance to be a Young Ambassador Champion to the next group of Ambassadors. The Champion role lasts for one year. After this, or if you chose not to become a Champion, you can still be involved in our work through various volunteering and campaigning opportunities through our Involvement network. Alternatively you can volunteer within your community with our Community Fundraisers support.

You can apply by completing the online application form through volunteero. You’ll also need to record a short video telling us a little bit about yourself and why you’d like to be a Young Ambassador.

The largest video size that can be uploaded through volunteero is 5MB. If your video is bigger than this please use Wetransfer and email involvement@thebraintumourcharity.org.

If you have any other questions please don’t hesitate to get in touch with the Involvement team.
Involvement team – involvement@thebraintumourcharity.org


Our Young Ambassadors dk so much to AccelerateACure. From raising awareness to developing our services they are an integral part of The Charity! #VoicesForChange

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Meet some of our Young Ambassadors

Todays the final day of meeting our inspiring Young Ambassadors. We’re sure you can see why we think they’re such an incredible bunch and you can expect to see them across our Tik Tok a lot more from now on…👀 #AccelerateACure #VoiceForChange

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Meet some of our Young Ambassadors

“This has been such a lifechanging journey for me. Personally, I never got the chance to grieve, being so young when my Grandad passed. I was able to finally let out my emotions, and share a room with people who knew exactly how I felt. These amazing individuals are now my friends for life” Alice, current Young Ambassador