Meet our volunteers

Our volunteers play a vital role in helping us to achieve our goals. Read about members of our volunteer team, what they do and why they enjoy volunteering for The Charity.

Emma's story

Emma was one of the 110 volunteers who helped to make The Twilight Walk series a success. After being diagnosed with a grade 2 brainstem glioma in 2015, Emma wanted to make a positive contribution to the fight against brain tumours and meet other people who understood what she was going through.

"I enjoyed every bit of the day. The other volunteers and staff were really kind and everyone taking part in the walk was so friendly and motivated! It was great to talk to them and hear their stories too. Knowing we were all there helping to do something good for a cause that means so much to me was really special."

Julie's story

This charity is close to my heart because I lost my mom to a brain tumour. My mom was only 62 and she was my best friend! 18 months after this, her close friend who she used to work with phoned me to say that she now had a brain tumour and within two years – she passed away.

Mom was taken into hospital on 10th April in 2000 and after three weeks of being treated for a stroke, a CT scan revealed that she had a brain tumour. A biopsy revealed that she had a grade 3 glioma. The hospital said that there was nothing they could do except to possibly offer radiotherapy to prolong long her life. Quality of life did not seem to be considered.

On starting my volunteering with The Brain Tumour Charity I chose to be a Collection Tin Co-ordinator as it meant that I could continue making the most of my outgoing skills as well as to continue to work as part of a team.

What I enjoy most about working for The Charity is that it provides you with a 'feel good feeling' and the variety of things I get to do. The Charity is so appreciative of all that you do, no matter how great or how small, and as a volunteer there is no pressure.