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Volunteer in your local community

Our amazing team of community volunteers demonstrate incredible dedication, commitment and compassion. With their help we are moving further, faster to find a cure. If you’re passionate about our work and want to make a difference – we’d love you to get involved too.

Whether you’re placing collection tins in local businesses or representing us at local events, every hour you can spare will make a meaningful difference for the hundreds of thousands of people affected by this devastating disease.

“I wanted to become a Community Volunteer because it is a fantastic opportunity to help make more people aware of brain tumours and why there is a need for more investment to fund future research.”

Lloyd, Community Volunteer

Current roles

Charity Ambassador –

We are recruiting a team of Charity Ambassadors to help develop engagement across each Region, to maximise opportunities to raise funds and increase support from the Community. Volunteers will be actively involved with The Charity on the ground and play a key role working alongside the Regional Community Fundraisers, as and when required.

Volunteer Photographer –

We are recruiting a team of Volunteer Photographers across the UK to attend events to take high quality photos of our community that can be circulated on social media and our website.

If you’d like to apply for a role, please complete our online form.

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If you’re interested in helping out at community fundraising events and would like to be the first to know about upcoming opportunities in your region, let us know

Share your skills

Not found a role to match your expertise or interests? If you have skills you’d like to share with us, we’d love to hear about them. Complete our skills survey and we’ll get in touch when new opportunities or projects come up, which we think would be a good fit for your experience. Complete our skills survey here.