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Welcome to the BRIAN app

A brain tumour diagnosis can be isolating and overwhelming. BRIAN, our app for people with a brain tumour and their loved ones, helps you feel more in control at what can be a chaotic time. 

Turn to BRIAN to help you manage life with a brain tumour diagnosis. Track, share and compare your experience and find expert information – quickly, easily, and all in one place. 

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Molly stands on a pedestrian crossing with pink hair and a yellow beanie - she gives a positive testimonial for the BRIAN app

Using BRIAN was a good way to keep track of things, as I’ve suffered with memory issues since starting treatment. I’ve entered medication, symptoms, side-effects and mood tracking information.

Molly, diagnosed with a grade 1 pilocytic astrocytoma

BRIAN app features

Here are just some of the features you’ll find in our app, BRIAN, to help you cope with a brain tumour diagnosis.

Icon for BRIAN app page showing a hand holding a heart, representing wellbeing

Keep track of how you’re feeling, including symptoms, side-effects, moods and more.

Icon of a brain representing seizure log on the BRIAN app
Seizure Log

Log when you have seizures, and what happens, to identify potential triggers and trends.

Icon of an arrow moving up a graph, representing the my health section
My Health

See how your health is doing on a particular day and over time.

icon of a person reading a book, representing resources library in the BRIAN app
Resources library

No more Dr Google! BRIAN is packed with information and support to save and share with others.

An icon of a pencil on paper, representing the my support plan section
My Support Plan

Choose areas where you need support and get ideas and suggestions to help you cope.

a graphic of a calendar

Feel more organised by viewing your upcoming appointments.

Download our BRIAN app on the App Store    Download our BRIAN app on Google Play

What can the BRIAN app do for you? 

Support you 

BRIAN connects you to the experiences of others, helps you know what to expect and shows you you’re not alone. It helps you understand how you’ve been doing and lets you share your experiences with loved ones and your medical team. 

Give you knowledge 

BRIAN puts trusted information resources right in your hands and lets you save and organise these however suits you. It shows you fascinating insights into others’ experiences, helping you make informed decisions. 

Empower you 

BRIAN helps you feel more in control when things seem chaotic, allowing you to track your experience, look back at trends and share your data with your doctors. It lets you set reminders for appointments, medications and more. 

Power up research! 

BRIAN sends your information and experiences to expert researchers, who are working to accelerate cures for this disease and improve quality of life for others diagnosed. 

BRIAN terms and conditions

BRIAN Terms and Conditions – PDF

Download this PDF to better understand the terms and conditions for using the BRIAN app.

Get in touch

We’d love your feedback on anything you think we could do better, so we can make BRIAN as helpful as possible for people affected by a brain tumour. 

Let us know what you think of BRIAN’s features – or contact us with any questions about using the app – by visiting our Contact us page. 

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