How to a leave a gift in your Will

Making a Will is one of the things that many of us put off. But it's an important step in ensuring the people and causes you care about are looked after. And with our free and discounted Will writing services, it doesn't have to cost a penny!

Whether you're creating your first Will or looking to update or amend an existing one, leaving a gift is simple – just follow these four steps.

Step 1: Choose which type of gift

You can leave a percentage share, fixed amount or specific item. Percentage shares don't lose value over time so are the most valuable way to give.

Step 2: Dedicate your gift

You can (but don't have to!) dedicate your gift to a loved one or Supporter Group. Your Will writing professional can help you chose the right wording for this.

Step 3: Speak to your professional

We always recommend finding a professional to write or update a Will, so you can ensure it's legally recognised. But we can help with this! (See below)

Step 4: Remember to let us know

You can help us make better plans for the future by letting us know if you've included us in your Will. We don't need to know how much you're leaving. If you'd like to, email

Will writing services

We're pleased to offer free and discounted Will writing services to our supporters. If you're thinking of including a gift to us, thank you. We promise to look after it with integrity and passion, no matter what its size.

Free service: meet with a local solicitor

We offer free Will writing services through the National Free Wills Network, a network of over 700 local law firms offering Will writing services to supporters of UK charities. The network aims to have a participating solicitor within 15 miles of every applicant.

Discounted service: meet with a trained counsellor at a location of your choice

We offer discounted Will writing services through the Goodwill Partnership. A trained counsellor from the Goodwill Partnership will come to your home or location of choice at a time convenient to you (including evenings and weekends) to take your Will instructions. This can also be done over the telephone.

Alternative services

If you'd like to use an alternative service but can't find someone to help, contact us or use the Law Society's 'Find a Solicitor' service.

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