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My first Young Adults Meet Up

Chelsea, one of our Young Ambassadors, recently came along to our Birmingham meet up for young adults at Meeple Mayhem board games café. Here she shares her experience of the day.

I found out about the Young Adults meet up through an advert on Facebook as I was scrolling through one day and I instantly booked my partner and me on for the meet up.

I was nervous before attending as this was the first time I was going to meet other people who'd been through a similar experience. I'd never gone out of my way before to reach out for help, as I was very scared when I was recovering from the trauma. So this was a big step for me and a little nerve-wracking.

However, when I saw that we could bring plus ones this helped reduce my nerves, having my partner with me helped give me the courage I needed to speak with others. He was also with me when I appeared on Do The Right Thing with Sarah recently to help raise awareness of HeadSmart and reduce diagnosis times for teenagers.

I still felt very anxious going to the meet up at first. But once I was comfortable with my surroundings and had been speaking to other people, I started to enjoy myself and soon I'd lost track of time.

My highlight of the day was being able to meet other people my age with a brain tumour, and meeting the Young Ambassadors too. 

I would really recommend the meet ups. They're a great way to break the barriers we've built to try and protect ourselves as we have gone onto the process of recovery, and a safe place to meet new people who understand. So, if anyone's wondering whether to come, you don't need to be nervous, go into the event with an open heart and mind, we've all been in a similar situation and there's always someone around to support you if needed.

About the author

Chelsea Yeomans is a young adult living with a brain tumour. She loves spending time with family and friends, and her dogs Fifi (a Shih Tzu) and Baldur (a German Shepard)

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